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MacBook Running Slow -
Annual Service


  • Your computer gets a complete 65 Point Service and Full Report of Everything we did to speed and optimise your device.

  • We check your hard disk drive, processor, memory, motherboard and all internal components for failures.

  • Complete Tune-up and Service ensures your computer is running faster and more reliable again.

  • Security Checks to ensure your device is safe to go online.

  • Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Rootkits and all internet nasties removed and cleaned.

If your Laptop, PC, Apple Macbook or Apple iMac is Running Slow this could be the cause of several issues including failing hard disk drive, viruses and malware, overheating.  If no hardware fault is found our amazing annual PC Protect Service plan is your perfect solution to get your laptop or desktop PC back up and running again.