MacBook OS Re-Install.png



  • Wipe and re-install your MacOS Operating System to the very latest version compatible with your MacBook.

  • Optimise and setup your operating system and drivers for optimum performance.

A fresh install of your Mac OS operating system or updating it from an old out-dated Mac OS can fix many problems and help speed up your Apple computer.

Its also a good way to clean out old and forgotten about applications taking up precious hard disk space and memory.

We will restore your Macbook back to factory default state using the latest Mac OS operating system (Catalina / Big Sur etc).  

Your Apple Macbook will be running like new again!

You don’t have to lose your precious photos or documents because we offer a data backup and restore service with this repair ensuring your data is backed up then transferred back to your Apple computer on completion.

Looking to upgrade Mac OS to the latest? Not a problem for our skilled technicians, we can update your computer to the very latest system.

Our technicians will ensure your new operating system experience is second to none.